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‘Advertising is what you say about yourself,
our PR campaigns solidify what others think of you.’

FOUNDER - Georgie, PR and Communications expert.

Create a story, and you create a connection with your audience...

Combining our key services, we channel desire and build awareness to elevate your brand with bespoke content and campaigns.

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Powerful Press Campaigns

Elevating leading brands with powerful PR campaigns that stand the test of time.

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About Us

We provide the tools to connect brands with highly engaged audiences to ensure they sparkle.

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We'll work with you to understand what your brand stands for, its core values and tone of voice.

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Public relations

We are lifestyle virtuosos, passionately working with fitness and wellbeing brands.

Case Studies

Results speak for themselves.

"We have been working with LUXE BB for a year now and I have to say I have worked with several renowned PR agencies in the past and none have achieved the coverage Georgie and her team has achieved for our brand.

She invests time to truly understand you, your company and your brand and she becomes part of the team and always goes the extra mile to help."

Catherine Meardon

Co-Founder, MOi + ME

"Georgie has been absolutely great to work with. She is a true expert in her field and is well-connected in the fitness industry in London. While taking on board my ideas and desires, she would also suggest something extra: whether it is a brand, an influencer or an expert connection. Always professional and punctual, she made our launch successful, smooth and stress-free."

Yulia Pashevkina

Founder, KARVE

“Georgie is an absolute pleasure to work with, she is professional, 
hard working and delivered on providing us some great features in wellness publications.”

Natalie Sullivan

Founder, The Retreater

"Greatly appreciate working with Georgie. From the outset, she understood our product and PR goals clearly. From there she laid out a clear strategy to target the relevant market segments for us resulting in significant and sustained exposure to key titles, which developed our brand considerably."

Godfrey Critien

Founder, Ponzu

"Georgie is an absolute pleasure to work with. She grasped the Balance Coffee vision extremely quickly and helped build our PR strategy which enabled us to get fantastic visibility across UK media channels. We’re really happy with the outcome having featured in Metro, BBC, The Independent & more. I'm looking forward to working on an on-going basis with Georgie."

James Bellis

Founder, Balance Coffee

"I've worked with Georgie for a number of years; she is reliable, efficient and helpful to me as a journalist, as I'm sure she is to her clients."

Rachel Cranshaw

Journalist, The Daily Telegraph

"Working with Georgie has been a fantastic business decision. Not only is she one of those rare writers who is able to produce copy that is both sparkling yet strategic, but she is a talented PR with a wealth of industry contacts and real journalistic prowess.  What sets Luxe BB apart is a truly holistic approach to communications - their universal offering ensuring consistency in our luxury brand messaging across all channels."

Beth Roberts

Founder, Villa Hush

“I have worked with Georgie for years and always know that she will deliver a great story and a fresh angle for her clients. She understands her client needs and manages to balance these with the increasing demands of journalists. She is enthusiastic, knowledgeable and quick to respond – which is so essential when working to deadlines.”

Mark Smith

Journalist, European Spa

"It has been a pleasure working with Georgie on a range of clients and trips over the past half a decade. She is always friendly and efficient and has a thorough knowledge and passion for the clients she represents."

Sophia Wilson

Journalist, BOAT International

"Georgie is a great ambassador for all. She delivers to brief, always on time and just gets it."

Mark Captain

Editor, Luxuriate

"During our storied partnership, Georgie has been a font of wonderful travel ideas. She is a dedicated professional, having always mastered the brief, while her boundless enthusiasm for global hospitality is a joy to behold."

Christopher O'Toole

Journalist, Breaking Travel News

"Georgie has done a marvellous job regarding PR matters and we are really thankful for it."

Ceren Alparslan

Marketing Manager, D Maris Bay

"Georgie is a true professional and an absolute delight to work with. She is one of the most efficient PRs I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and she will always go above and beyond to deliver what you need. She has a wealth of knowledge and contacts in the travel industry and beyond and is my go-to girl for insight about emerging trends. She is also an incredibly talented writer and always produces sparkling copy."

Samantha Lewis

Journalist, The Daily Mail

"Pure professionalism, enthusiasm and dedication, Georgie has a vast knowledge of the travel and luxury sector and always has her finger on the pulse! She is brimming with fantastic ideas and angles and is my most reliable PR contact – never failing to provide peerless comms and information on her clients, dynamic feature ideas and secures high-profile, brand-elevating coverage every time.

A digital and print native, Georgie has a unique set of skills that are an asset to any business and brand looking for growth and insight. A business brain and creative spark, Georgie is always a pleasure to work with and her passion for the travel industry is palpable."

Chantal Borciani

Luxury Freelance Journalist

“Working with Georgie has been great! She has been always available for me and ready to help. Georgie provided the hotel with wise advise and great ideas.”

Paula Pont

PR Director, Hotel Arts Barcelona

"I have worked with Georgie for a number of years and she’s one of the very best PR professionals in the industry. A joy to work with and I could not rate her skills any more highly."

Nick Gibbens

Founder, Luxury Lifestyle Magazine

"Georgie did a superb job on the brand launch for Exeat.  She far exceeded expectations on the amount of press we received and was a real pleasure to work with… in fact we can’t wait to work with her again next year."

Laura Ward

Founder, EXEAT

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