Discover Wildlife & Yoga Retreats: Exceptional Wellness Experiences in the Kenyan Wilderness

Discover Wildlife & Yoga Retreats: Exceptional Wellness Experiences in the Kenyan Wilderness

Championing immersive experiences in the heart of Kenya’s wild spaces is Wildlife & Yoga Retreats from Laura Bunting. Amidst breath taking landscapes and flourishing wildlife, from luxury tented camps in the highlands, the white sands of Manda Bay and untouched landscapes of Tsavo, each exceptional retreat takes place in a world of unmatched privacy and serenity for a safari experience like no other.

Enhancing wildlife encounters, holistic Yin and Vinyasa yoga practices are seamlessly woven into exceptional safari itineraries that capture the magic of east Africa. Devoted to creating unforgettable moments, this is complemented by daily meditation and massages with nutritious meals in an inclusive atmosphere to nurture the mind, body, and soul amongst the pristine natural world.

Yoga, Movement,Meditation & Massage.

Wildlife & Yoga Retreats invite guests for two daily yoga sessions that progress in practice as bodies gain flexibility and strength. With each morning dedicated to yang aspect of yoga, flowing through Vinyasa sequences, as evening draws in, Laura leads a relaxing hour of yin and meditation to release tension, enhance joint health and unwind after a day exploring the African bush. Sessions are tailored from beginners to experienced yogis and include a variety of adjustments to help advance in asana practices.

Yoga is just one part of moments guests of Wildlife & Yoga Retreats enjoy. In addition to exhilarating day and night game drives, Laura offers various ways to actively immerse her guests in the wilderness. From horse-riding expeditions, retreats also incorporate guided bush walks, picturesque cycling excursions, and hiking experiences. With a dedicated masseuse available for bookings whenever guests may want some extra TLC, massages also play a vital role in each Wildlife & Yoga Retreat. This ensures each guest feels centred within themselves and the stunning surroundings.  

Retreat founder and leader Laura Bunting comments, ‘each day our retreat offers a harmonious blend of adventure and relaxation. Kenya is a special place where you can absorb the natural world’s splendour and reinvigorate the human soul.Our retreats are a unique seamless blend of wellness and wilderness. No need to be an avid yogi to get the full benefits; we welcome everyone to come as they are for an unforgettable adventure.’

About Laura Bunting

In the midst of the 2020 lockdowns, five days after Kenya opened its borders, Laura Bunting embarked on a journey to the East AfricanCoast.  As the world embraced virtual connections, Laura was teaching yoga online to her students from wherever she was. One afternoon in Watamu, on a boat, in a creek, Laura met Taru.

After two weeks of enjoying the white sand beaches and blue skies, their journey continued. Laura packed her bags and travelled along the red dusty roads to Tsavo East National Park. TheWilderness changed her life in countless magical ways. Between teaching online yoga classes, Laura spent her days exploring the untamed landscapes of Kenya, immersing herself in the beauty of the wilderness and the captivating wildlife that calls Kenya home. 

During this time of exploration, Taru shared his knowledge and passion about the intricacies of the wilderness—its beauty, wildlife, and the critical importance of preserving these few wild spaces that remain on our planet. This personal experience led to a spark of inspiration which ignited in Laura's mind—a vision of crafting immersive Wildlife and Yoga experiences that would intertwine healing, human connections, and the splendour of nature. And that's how Wildlife & Yoga Retreats came to life.

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