The New Pilates Studio Inspired By Bondi Beach

The New Pilates Studio Inspired By Bondi Beach

Previously living on Bondi Beach, British founder Lottie Anderson was inspired to establish a Pilates brand that epitomises the exceptional energy of Australia’s Bondi lifestyle. Inviting her community to switch off and connect within, Bondi Rise offer small-group Reformer Pilates, Mat Pilates, Barre, and Yoga classes. Championing friendly teaching styles, each class offers a sense of personal achievement, leaving individuals feeling refreshed and connected. This is complemented by BondiRise’s internationally subscribed online platform, for their community to workout anytime, anywhere.

For those beginning their Pilates journey to seasoned practitioners, Lottie is passionate about ensuring each person gets the most out of every session. With Mat and Reformer classes for all levels, upstairs five state-of-the-art BalanceBody Reformer machines increase strength, flexibility, and over all alignment. Whilst downstairs the signature Pilates Sculpt Class, provides a whole-body transformative workout to tone, lengthen, and sculpt muscles, whilst focusing on the core and relieving physical tension. 

An advocate for inclusive wellness experiences, Bondi Rise hosts an array of Pilates classes to suit everyone’s needs. From the male centric ‘Reform-MEN’ to pre-natal Pilates classes for mums-to-be and the popular ‘Mums and Bubs’ baby friendly class that focuses on core activation and pelvic stability. Bondi Rise also offers dynamic ‘Barre Burn’ barre classes that boost posture, flexibility, balance, and fitness, the energetic Power Vinyasa and calming Yin Yoga classes.

With the belief that living in a digital age makes working on your mind and body fun, easy and efficient, Bondi Rise’s popular digital platform means the community can log in on the go or from the comfort of home at a convenient time, meaning everyone can move with Pilates in their pocket. From quick videos for the time-poor to those that focus on a specific muscle group, Bondi Rise encourages their community to create a sustainable and healthy relationship with exercise.The Bondi Rise video library offers various workouts designed to suit each person’s mood and experience with over 185 videos.

Inspired by a sunrise walk along Bondi Beach, in which the name is also embodied, the colour palate of the calming studio space beautifully blends hues of blush pink, orange and natural greens. Flooded with light and polished wooden floors, the studio epitomises the vibrant, wellness-led energy of the Bondi lifestyle which can be felt the moment each person steps through the studio doors.  

Living on Bondi Beach sparked a feeling of endless opportunity and vibrant excitement for Lottie, having lived in a place with one of the most magnificent sunrises in the world. It was these moments that ignited her inspiration to establish Bondi Rise, bringing transformational workouts both online and in person that embodies this unique ‘Bondi’ feeling with the opportunities it brings.

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