Travel Predictions for 2021 – The Expert’s Round-Up

January 19, 2021

TechRound has collected industry expert predictions on what 2021 could look like for the travel industry featuring our founder Georgie.

2020 was the year for unpredictability, and it has been hard to imagine what holidays will look like in this coming year, in 2021. However, as the roll-out for the vaccine is in high flow, we hope to see more people travelling in the coming year as the borders reopen, and countries come out of lockdown. Although we hope this is the case, we predict that travel will look different. There will be new trends and the industry will be reshaped and we asked 27 experts to share exactly how. As we enter 2021 still amidst stay at home orders and lockdown restrictions, what are experts’ predictions on what the new year will bring?

“The desire to travel is stronger than ever, but to succeed travel brands will need to ensure they have effectively re-modelled to meet the new demands and expectations of consumers. Resulting in a very different travel landscape, the industry will reflect post-pandemic priorities, revolving around responsible travel and safety-first trips.

Adapting strategically to reflect a post-pandemic world where consumer needs and demands have revolutionised exponentially – during these uncertain times, travel brands need to use their down time wisely, establishing forward-thinking strategies to ensure they are equipped to springboard back. As we have learnt this year, only the strongest of brands will survive.

  • Socially Distanced Travel – Gone are the days for many of spontaneous, last-minute trips for those in search of thrill and adventure. The industry will now see travellers planning ahead with socially distanced trips, especially if they or someone they are close to are high-risk.
  • Slow Travel – There has been a revolution in everyday lifestyles. With the majority of people’s lives moving at a much slower pace and with many now working from home, affluent travellers will want to travel to places for a little bit longer, rush around less and get under the skin of a place.
  • Sustainable Travel – People will continue to experience the world, but in a considerate way. In the coming months and into next year, we can expect an appetite for sustainable and responsible travel, with people consciously wanting to support local communities and economies.
  • Multi-Generational Trips – For many, one of the most challenging aspects of the pandemic was being separated from their nearest and dearest. This is where larger, multi-generational travel groups will come into play.”

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