Ibiza post lockdown: how it’s shaped the island for the better

Ibiza post lockdown: how it’s shaped the island for the better

Lockdown has not only led us to pause and reflect on our next Ibiza villa escape, but it has enabled nature to heal and flourish. This couldn’t be truer of the Mediterranean island of Ibiza and its collection of the finest Ibiza villas. From its cerulean coastline to its lush and verdant inlands, the 40km wide island is also home to an abundance of natural life.

Whilst tourism in Ibiza didn’t resume as it normally would’ve earlier this year, this unexpected moment of calm has allowed Ibiza’s natural elements to thrive, making the remainder of this year the perfect time to visit and book your Ibiza villa. An abundance of colour strewn across striking landscapes; a luxury rental allows you to experience the best the island has to offer on your doorstep. Whether a party or pool villa, or the perfect pad for a family retreat; the island also offers visitors the opportunity to truly lose themselves with nature. Discover the dense and mountainous natural park of Es Amunts that covers almost a quarter of the island, or Ses Feixes: one of the few remaining wetlands in theMediterranean and officially recognised by UNESCO, to the famous and majestic island of Es Vedrà which is a haven for an abundance of birdlife.

With several positive effects on Ibiza’s environment including cleaner air, lockdown has also resulted in the most crystal-clear waters, ideal for responsibly enjoying a luxury yacht charter whilst on the island. The water around Ibiza is famous for its clarity, but this year it may just be its best yet. The main reason for this is the recent reduced number of boats anchoring off the coast which has done wonders for the fragile and endangered seagrass: Posidonia. Helping to clean the water and producing huge amounts of oxygen, it is enormously valuable for the wellbeing of the waters surrounding Ibiza, to the extent that it is also UNESCO World Heritage protected. At the mercy of yacht anchors, bilge water and pollution, lockdown has briefly meant that the seagrass has enjoyed a moment to re-establish itself, leading to beautifully clear and clean waters surrounding the whole island for 2020.

George Burdon, Founder of Ibiza Villas comments:

‘as the island’s premier luxury specialist, we’re excited to welcome back our black book of rental clients who are keen to discover the most beautiful natural elements of Ibiza that are thriving. It’s our hand picked experiences that ensure we stand out from the crowd, and our team of on the ground professionals are here to tailor only the very best.’

As visitors return to the island, we are all encouraged to travel responsibly to ensure we do not damage the fragile natural elements that make up a surprisingly large part of the island. With this in mind, adventure experiences are one of the most popular ways to experience natural Ibiza. From walking and hiking tours along coastal paths or into ancient caves, mountain climbing along the hills, diving or enjoying an array of water sports; Ibiza is the perfect destination to enjoy all of these thrilling experiences the island has to offer visitors.

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